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M12V155FT - GNB M12V155FT Front Terminal Batteries. Marathon | 12V | 155...

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GNB M12V155FT Front Terminal Batteries. Marathon | 12V | 155 Amp-Hours (AH), 8 hr rate to 1.75 VPC at 25°C (77 °F) | 150 Amp-Hours (AH), 10 hr rate to 1.80 VPC at 20°C (68°F) | Nominal Weight: 119 lbs / 53.8 Kg Simple Type: Batteries

Designed for durability in Telecommunications, and Electric Utility applications, the GNB FRONT Terminal MARATHON series provides high performance and reliability in long dura- tion discharge applications. The location of the terminals on the front (vs. the top) of the battery greatly facilitates the installation and maintenance of the product when placed in a cabinet enclo-sure or on a standard relay rack tray. The MARATHON Front Terminal battery series highlights another example of GNB’s extensive experience and world wide leadership in VRLA technology. Quality manufacturing processes for the MARATHON series batteries incorporate the industry’s most advanced technologies including: an automated helium leak detection system, a computer controlled “fill by weight” acid filler, and a temperature controlled water bath formation process. Each and every unit is capacity tested.

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  • Flame-retardant reinforced container and cover compliant with UL94 V-0, 28% L.O.I.
  • Front Accessible Copper Alloy Terminals & “Easy On/Easy Off” Post Protector
  • Heat sealed case-to-cover bond to ensure a leak proof seal
  • High-Compression Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for greater than 99% recombination efficiency
  • High-tin, calcium, silver, lead positive plate design for maximum service float life; 10 year design life @ 25°C (77°F)
  • Integrated Carry Handles
  • Integrated flash arrester ultrasonically welded into cover.
  • Multicell design for faster installation and reduced maintenance
  • Patented “Diamond Side-Wall” design to maintain structural integrity in higher operating temperatures
  • Reliable one-way, self-resealing safety vents




  • Broadband
  • Cellular
  • Communications
  • Distributed Power
  • Electric Utility
  • PCS
  • Switchgear Control Power
  • Telecommunications


  • None Available